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Repairable brand

The maintenance center of Xi'an Antai Test Equipment Co., Ltd. has various types of instrument maintenance business. The repairable brands include: Tektronics, keysight, fluke, Keithley, Rhode and Schwartz, lecory, Anritsu, IFI / Ar / Bonn power amplifier maintenance, Stanford / Newton instrument maintenance, and other brands of instrument or spectrometer maintenance.

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Agitek Service

Company Introduction

Xi 'an Agitek Test Equipment Maintenance Co., LTD., founded in 2008, is engaged in test and measurement instrument maintenance and technical services, with foreign high-end instrument chip level maintenance ability, has more than 70 professional maintenance equipment, and professional automatic calibration software. Support Tektronix, KEYSIGHT, Agilent, FLUKE, KEITHLEY, R&S and Anrtisu and other dozens of foreign brands test instrument maintenance. Agitek instrument maintenance center in line with the concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, service first", to serve the majority of electronic test instrument users in China and the Asia-pacific region. The accumulative service customer more than ten thousand, repairs each kind of instrument ten thousand.

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